1.3. Work Territory Selector

Anonymous users, those who are not registered in urbiThings, can access any Administrative Unit of ​​urbiThings but can only view the Maps and Data Services that the Management Organization of each Administrative Unit has decided to publish.
On the other hand, Organizations and their Users registered in urbiThings can access any Administrative Unit and its Public Services, as well as anonymous users, but also can collaborate by managing, creating data or supervising, in as many Administrative Units as they are assigned, according to the capacity Granted by the Organization and User Group assigned to each of them.
There is no limitation on the number of Administrative Units in which an Organization can collaborate.
When a Registered User initiates a session in urbiThings you will be able to navigate through any Administrative Unit and access your public data, but if you want to exercise your collaboration in a specific Administrative Unit you must select it from the list of Administrative Units in which you are assigned as collaborator.
This list is located in the top bar of the application as a dropdown:

Which presents the list of Administrative Units:

By selecting one of them, the system will zoom its position on the map and reconfigure the application adapting it to the permissions that the User and its Organization have on that Administrative Unit.
From that moment on, all collaboration operations will be confined to this Work Administrative Unit: