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2.3.b.3. Select geometries

The Editing Work Layer can contain a multitude of geometries of the three types indicated: polygonal, linear and punctual. Once drawn to be able to carry out operations with them it is necessary to select them previously.
The selected geometries change their form of representation, the following image shows an unselected geometry and another (marked in yellow) selected.

To select geometries once the Drawing Toolbar is activated, the Selection tool  will be used to display a submenu composed of the following buttons:

  •   – Select by clicking inside the geometry (if there are several overlays at that point you will select them all)
  •   – Select all geometries that are stepped by a rectangular frame
  •   – Select all geometries that are stepped by an outline drawn by hand
  •   – Select all geometries
  •  – Invert selection
  •  – Deselect
  •  – It presents the list of the geometries drawn in the Results Panel, where they can be selected individually by means of a chexbox, modify its associated text and zoom to each one with a click on its row.