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Reorder the Maps

The order of presentation of the services in the Map is based on their order in Catalog Panel. The system always places the base, Base Map and then stacks the Active Map Services starting with the one that is down the Catalog tree, the Working Layers always place the last ones.
It is possible to change this order in two ways:

  • Pointing with the cursor in a Service and dragging it to another position of the tree that is indicated by a dotted box, it is necessary to place the Service inside that box so that the movement of drag is successful:

  • Using the “Up” and “Down” options from the Options Menu:

There are some limitations:

  • Base Maps and Working Layers can not be moved.
  • Movements must occur between elements that are at the same depth level within the tree.
  • It is preferable that at the time of moving a node is collapsed, as well as all other nodes of its same level of depth.