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Event Log

An event is the message that urbiGIS offers to certain actions carried out by an Access when using the Service during the course of a session. For example, when an Access correctly configures a map service, urbiGIS notifies it with a successful configuration event.

The events are initially presented as a message positioned at the bottom of the screen, those that show errors are shown in red, the warnings in yellow and those of successful completion in green. All are automatically hidden, except for error messages.

The functionality is located in the dropdown of the Session Button, on the far right of the Header. By clicking on the icon you can access the list of all the events produced during the work session.

Clicking on the icon gives the following information:


  • Pressing the lower “Delete” button deletes the complete list of events.
  • Pressing the “X” at the end of each row will delete the selected event.

The list of events has an informative function, therefore its elimination does not affect the operation of the system.