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Events Manager


This article explains the purpose of the  urbiThings event log.

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An event is a message reported by urbiThings after certain actions performed by an Access using the Service. E.g.: when an Access configures a map service, urbiThings notifies an event reporting the successful configuration.

Events are shown as a message located at the bottom of the screen. The errors are displayed in red, the announcements in yellow and the successful ones in green. All are hidden automatically, except for error messages.

The functionality is located in the drop-down menu of the Access Menu, at the right of the Header. If you click on the icon, you can access the list of all the events that occurred during the work session.

By clicking on the icon you get the following information

  • Clicking the “Remove” button, the whole list of events is deleted.
  • If the “X” at the end of each row is clicked, the selected event is deleted.

The list of events is merely informative, so its removal does not affect urbiThings functioning.