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Account Register

An Account represents a group or an organization, it can contain an unlimited number of members or “Account Accesses”. When registering the Account, your first member or Access is automatically created, who will act as administrator of the Account from that moment and therefore will be able to admit or reject requests for Access Registration in your Account.

  • Step 1. Application: the applicant opens the Work Modules Panel, selects Registration and then New Account.

  • Step 2. Form: the Account Registration form is displayed in which the applicant will fill in the necessary fields. The fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. Information is requested from the Account and from who will be its Administrator for management purposes within urbiGIS. Clicking on Register sends the request for processing by the urbiGIS staff. The applicant receives a verification and acceptance email of the terms of use and privacy policy. A link will appear in the email so you can consult the terms of use and privacy policy and then accept them.

  • Step 3. Processing: Once the terms of use and privacy policy have been accepted, the urbiGIS staff receives the request and can authorize or deny it.

  • Step 4. Registration: Authorization supposes the registration of the Account and the Administrator simultaneously. A confirmation of the discharge is sent by email. In addition, the Account code is attached to the confirmation email, which identifies it unequivocally in urbiGIS. The Administrator will use this Code to incorporate new Accesses to his Account. The Code will be available in the Account Profile of the Management Module.


  • The Account and the Accesses are an indissoluble binomial since there cannot be an Account without, at least, an Access with Administrator role. Therefore, the ideal option is to start by requesting the registration of the Account.
  • The account registration request must be made by whoever will be in charge of managing it in urbiGIS.
  • An email account must be entered from the Account Administrator. They must be a valid and active email account. Two different Accounts with the same email address will NOT be able to register.
  • In the registration request form, enter an Account name that identifies it unequivocally. This will make it easier to locate it in the Accounts section of the Search Engine.