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Accesses Registration

To register Access  to Organization Accounts at urbiGIS, previously the Administrator of said account must provide the interested user with an Account Code. This Account code is always attached to the email that urbiGIS sends to a user when an Account is created in the first time.

Once with the account code, you can proceed to create a new access. There are two ways to register an access:

1. Request through the Access Registration Module

These steps should be followed:

  • Step 1. Request: the applicant opens the Work Modules Panel, selects Registration and then New Account Access.

  • Step 2. Form: the Access Registration form is displayed in which the applicant will fill in the necessary fields. Those marked with an asterisk must be filled in. Clicking on Register sends the request for processing by the urbiGIS staff. The Account Code field will be completed with a code that will be provided by the Administrator of said account (which, as previously seen, must be located).

  • Step 3. Processing: The request can be authorized or denied. Requests for registration of Access to a specific Account will be processed by your Administrator. Generic Access requests that are accompanied by Account registration are processed by the urbiGISteam.
  • Step 4. Registration: The authorization supposes the registration of the Access. A confirmation of the discharge is sent by email. From this moment on, Access can log on.

2. Direct registration by the Account Administrator

The Administrator of an Organization Account can register new Accesses in it. With the session started, any Administrator, from the Work Modules Panel, can manage the Accesses of their Account:

urbiGIS will present you with the Access list of your account:

From which you can add Accesses to your Account or edit its properties:


  • Every Access must have a valid and active email address.
  • Two different Accesses with the same email address may NOT be registered.
  • The same Access may NOT belong to two different Accounts
  • You can only request the Access registration belonging to an existing Account in urbiGIS. In this case, the Administrator will provide the applicant with the Account code for him to enter into the application form.