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Results panel

The results panel is located at the bottom of the tools panel, and the results are displayed based on the Filters that have been used in each Search Context.

Panel Components
The Results Panel has a series of components:
  • A computer of the results: it allows them to be ordered in three different ways: standard, alphabetically and from largest to smallest.

Standard: it orders the results by default.

From A to Z: Sort the results alphabetically.

From highest to lowest: Sorts the results hierarchically from the largest (countries) to lowest. Following in turn an alphabetical order from A to Z within each hierarchy.

  • Filter cleaning: when we run it, all filters are reset.

  • Zoom: When a search is made, it will be enough to click on any of the results, so that urbiGIS zooms us to the corresponding territory.

  • Massive selector: In the results panel there is a massive selector, which if selected, will automatically mark all the results.

  • Loading item on Desktop: Once we have done a search, when we want to place a result on the Desktop, we just have to leave it selected in its corresponding box , and then activate the loading tool on Desktop .

When you do this, a green action confirmation message will appear at the bottom.