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UThings is a global system, reaches anywhere in the world. That is why in its initial presentation it starts with a world view.

From it there are different ways of approaching a particular location:

  • Using the mouse and keyboard functions:
    • Turning the wheel forward widens the map and backward reduces
    • Holding down the wheel, or any of the buttons and moving the mouse moves the map also
    • Holding down the Shift key and the left mouse button you can indicate a zoom window to enlarge the map.
    • Holding down the Alt + Shift key and the left mouse button can indicate a zoom window to reduce the map.
  • Using the navigation tools: In the Tool Panel the main toolbar is always present with several navigation buttons:

  • Hand:   activates dragging of the map with the mouse
    • Zoom increment:   allows you to specify a zum window to enlarge the map
    • Reduce Zoom:  allows you to indicate a zum window to reduce the map
    • Coordinates:  allows you to indicate coordinates in various formats to bring the map closer to a specific geographical point.
    • Start Zoom:  Returns the map to the starting zum position.
  • Using the search tools: all Search Context results allow you to zoom to your position by clicking on them