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Traffic Maps

From urbiGIS we can also consult the transport maps that have the numerous existing location services integrated, such as Google, Bing, Here etc …

These services, which we have already seen that we can place as a fbackground or base maps of the interface, come integrated with our own traffic services.

To access the traffic maps that a specific basemap has, we must open the basemap options menu , in the context of the Desktop of the tool panel. We will see that in the drop-down that is shown to us, under the option to change the background, the different transport maps that that base map includes will appear. In the case of the example image, you can see that the maps included in the Google Roadmap are traffic, public transport, and bicycle maps.

Once the option to be displayed is activated, it will be marked with a tick. In this case we are going to activate the public transport map.

We can see how the underground and train lines can be seen. and the public transport symbol indicating that the map is active.

Each basemap has its own transportation maps.