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2.3.c.2. Advanced Drawing

Advanced Drawing tools allow you to perform some simple geoprocessing operations. They are activated by the “Advanced Drawing”  Tool of the Drawing Toolbar which in turn displays a new Toolbar composed of the following buttons:

  •  – Simplify geometries: removes vertices of the selected geometries.
  •  – Add Ring to geometry: use a geometry to generate a hole within another geometry
  •  – Add part to a geometry, add the geometry of one entity the geometry of another
  •  – Delete part of a geometry, subtract one geometry from another geometry
  •  – Divide one geometry in two using a cut line.
  •  – Create Zone of Influence, generates a new geometry from the selected geometries extending its edge at a fixed distance.
  •  – Intersect geometries, creates a new geometry in the overlapping space of the selected geometries.
  •  – Merge geometries, creates a new geometry by joining the selected geometries
  •  – Geometric difference, creates a new geometry from the non-overlapping parts of one of the selected geometries.
  •  – Convex envelope, creates a new geometry that wraps around all selected geometries.
  •  – Convert geometry from Multiple to Simple, converts into a single geometry a set of geometries
  •  – Symmetric difference, creates a new geometry from the non-superimposed parts of a set of geometries.