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Searcher elements


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Detailed explanation of the video


The Searcher is located inside the Tool Panel on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the orange arrow will hide or unfold the panel. To increase the size of the panel you have to move the cursor to its left edge, hold down the left mouse button and move it to the left. If you move to the right, the size decreases.

Searcher Components
1. Search sections

These are the types of data that can be consulted in urbiThings (Maps & GeoReports, Location services and Elements of urbiThings):

Each component is activated by clicking on it and the tool leaves the other two in the background by showing them in gray. The data accessed through each search context is very specific, so the filtering functionality of the search has been adapted to its particularities.

2. Search filters

They allow to narrow the search, within each component, based on various criteria that will be shown in the following sections:

There are four possibilities to filter the search:

2.1. By name: the search engine filters according to the text entered and shows the corresponding results:

2.2. By clicking on the map : the search engine filters according to a click on the map and shows the applicable results in that location:

2.3. By drawing on the map: the search engine filters according to a polygon drawn on the map and shows the applicable results within the geometry:

2.4. By advanced search: the search engine filters according to a selection of fields, showing the results that meet the chosen requirements:

3. Search Results

 Shows the detail of all the data that meet the requirements selected in the search filters. If no filter has been selected, all the results of the selected search context are displayed. It allows to work with the obtained results, facilitating its selection and visualization. In the article referred to the Results Viewer you can consult its functionalities