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2.2.4. Select Base Map Service

The Base Map forms the reference cartographic background on which the rest of the Map Services are represented.
It is usually provided by a global mapping platform such as Google Maps, Open Street Map or Bing. The Managing Organizations of an Administrative Unit may also provide Base Map Services in their Administrative Units, Services that will only be visible as such when accessing uThings through Direct Access to Administrative Unit.
To select the Base Map Service, the following steps will be taken:

  • Click on the Catalog Panel
  • Display the Base Maps by clicking on the arrow:

  • Select the Base Map by clicking on its circle.

The Map will be updated immediately replacing the current Base Map with the new Map.

The Base Map can be kept visible or hidden by marking your checkbox:

If the background of the map is hidden, it can be set in white (as in the image above) or in black:

Using in the Options Menu of Base Maps the Change Background Button: