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Location Search

urbiGIS aims to cover the greatest diversity of search services, therefore it allows access to urban objects through Location Services to:

  1. Locate addresses, services and points of interest in street services
  2. Locate real estate (plots and buildings) for cadastral purposes.
  3. Geo-position fixed and mobile urban objects.

urbiGIS is connected to a large number of Location Services, having by default the most widely used global search engines (Google, OpenStreetMaps, Bing etc …) but many others that can be activated by performing an advanced search.

Ways to search for Locators
  • Through the Search engine tool: to find a location, we will access the search engine menu, in the context of Locators, where we can perform a  search by name or a  search by click and the  Results Panel will show the total number of Location Services Available paginated. By tracing the results pages you can find the desired Addresses to select them.

  • Through an advanced search : in which you can choose the locators you want to use, and filter on territories, accounts and topics.

To extract the locators that we are not interested in from the search results, simply deactivate the check located to the left of the service name.