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GeoReports search

Geospatial information is not only made up of graphically represented data (geometries). Furthermore, urbiGIS may contain alphanumeric and documentary information associated with territorial areas. This article explains the Geo-Reports Search Context and how a user can consult them through the Search Engine.

Under the name of GeoInformes, the user can consult:

  • Structured data: from the database, which can be consulted and processed. The image shows an example of a query to the database regarding soil classification. The data with the structure defined by the Organization to which they belong are shown in the lower Results Panel:

  • Digital documents that complement the graphic and alphanumeric information. In the image you can see the Consultation service of the Madrid Planning Document Register. The results panel shows the breakdown of documents that can be consulted. Geo-referenced plans can be added to the catalog by clicking the icon on the sheet of paper located to the left of the document name:

  • Reports configurable by the organizations that publish them. In the image you can see the urban conditions sheet service prepared for the Madrid City Council. Based on the urbiGIS data, the tab can be completely customized:

  • Third-party services that provide added value. In the image you can see the Real Estate Consultation Service of the Cadastre of Spain. Clicking on a point shows the cadastral references that coincide on that point and can be consulted:

Ways to search for GeoReports

The results will be shown paginated in the results panel, being able to choose to place them on the Desktop.

  • Through an advanced search:in which Geo-reports can be filtered by territory level or by accounts.