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Search Data Sets

A Data Set in urbiGIS is a collection of geoinformation, whether in the form of a map, geometry, locator, geo-report, annotation, etc., which is “packaged” together (honoring its name) and allows to sort and catalog duly ordered information. In urbiGIS it already exceeds a thousand Data Sets, being able to create unlimited new ones, but when searching among those that exist, we can proceed in several different ways:

Ways to search urbiGIS Datasets
  • Through the Search Engine tool: to find a specific Data Set, we will access the search engine menu, in the context of Sets, where we can perform a search by name, search by click or by search by geometry. The total number of Sets available in urbiGIS will be shown in a paginated form in the Results Panel. By tracing the results pages, you can find the desired Sets to select and load them on the Desktop:

  • Through an advanced search. in which Data Sets can be filtered by territory level, by accounts, by themes by state or by type.