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Add Bookmarks

A Bookmark is a saved extension of the map in the form of a cookie. Therefore, they are only saved in the user profile of a computer and are deleted if their cookies are deleted.

To place a bookmark, on the Desktop, in the Selection folder, we will access the options menu finding the Add Bookmark option.

When executing the order, a dialog will appear asking us for the bookmark´s name.

Once the name is written and accepted, we can access the Bookmark whenever we want from a new branch that opens on the Desktop, in a Selection option, called Bookmarks, which if we display it will show us all the bookmarks we have created.


When we want to travel to the place on the map where the marker was created, we can do it in two ways:

The first is from the options menu of the marker itself by executing the Zoom to the Marker option .

The second, we simply have to click on the name of the marker that we want and instantly urbiGIS will place us in that location.