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2.3.a.6. Add Maps

In the toolbar main bar is the Add Maps button  , there is a vertical bar of buttons to select the type of map to add:

  •    Raster: georeferenced images.
  •   Vector: SHP, KML or GML shape files
  •   WMS Maps Services Not Included in Your Scope
  •   WFS Maps Services Not Included in Your Scope
  •   Connections to Layers in PostGIS
  •  Connections to Layers in Oracle Spatial
  •   Connections to Layers in ArcGIS Server
  •   Connections to layers in MapServer

Each of the options presents specific dialogs to select a file or make a connection:

The added layer will be included in the Catalog as a Working Layer:

The new default layer will be in the editing state:

And so it will activate the Drawing Toolbar in the Toolbox: